Beyond Black Friday


Good things come in small bundles.

Santa blew it! Somehow, deflated Christmas ornaments laying all over humbug my Christmas spirits. Especially if they’re still lying there in July.

Black Friday has past. It may become known as the day that Darth Vader got stuck in the chimney. Forget the Star of Bethlehem, it’s Star Wars part 49. Bzzt, zap, whoosh! I’m not a fan, especially when the marketing of this film has be forced on us for months. “May the force be with with you” takes on a new meaning. What a way to start a celebration of love and peace and warmth and fuzziness! So it must be getting close to Christmas. Each morning there are deflated Santas and elves and snowmen lying on lawns nearly everywhere.

!The sacred act of consumerism is in the air. Even before mid-December advertisements for Boxing Day sales already clog…

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The Bike Trip Maps

A Cartographer's Story

cartographersstorylogo-tinyCartographer’s Story #9, by Bettina Matzkuhn

What a hare-brained idea, riding a bicycle from Vancouver, Canada to the Yukon Territory. It leapt into my head in 1998, the idea of taking a trip that was self-propelled, right from my back door. I have always been a cyclist –both commuter and traveler– and I enjoy that pace of traversing the countryside. I was mature student in the visual arts at Simon Fraser University, and I pitched the trip as an idea for a directed studies course. My professor, Greg Snider, and I tossed about ways of documenting the voyage. He liked the idea of collecting water samples and rocks en route; I panicked, imagining pedaling all my camping gear plus panniers full of rocks up steep roads. We finally agreed on a project that would fit in a plastic recipe box.

Bike Trip spool and map copy.JPGThe Bike Trip Spool is a strip of cloth 10cm…

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